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Zodiac MX8 Suction Cleaning Robot - MX8

Unlike other suction-side pool cleaners in its class, the Zodiac Barracuda MX8 doesn’t require the added expense of a booster pump to provide exceptional cleaning power. Ideal for all types of in-ground pools, the MX8 cleans floors and walls right up to the waterline. It also features Twist-Locking hose connectors that ensure you won’t lose suction. The MX8 is the perfect addition to larger in-ground pools. Weight: 21 lbs
Additional Features:
• Easy grip handle makes it easy to operate
• Twist-Lock hose offers quick assembly and prevents loss of suction
• Flex power turbine blades provide energy saving operation
• Includes 36-ft hose for maximum pool coverage
• Optional Leaf Catcher traps leaves before reaching your skimmer (Part Number: CLC500 – sold separately)

$ 455.75 $ 509.99


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