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Weather-Out Universal Heat Pump Cover - WOHP

• Model Number: WOHP
• Brand: Weather-Out
• Type: Pump Cover

This Weather-Out WOHP universal pool and spa pump cover is designed to fit all pools. Made of strong vinyl, this Weather-Out pump cover resists tears and sunlight damage, while protecting the heater from the elements such as snow, ice, rain, salt-water spray, leaves, and other debris. Since the lining is non-woven, it doesn’t retain moisture or condensation, further protecting the pump. This replacement pump cover fits generously, allowing air to flow freely, keeping your heater dry. Easy to install and remove, the WOHP has a Velcro seam and a drawstring, which fits snugly around the plumbing, so it’s not necessary to remove any piping. Protect your expensive pool or spa equipment from falling leaves, twigs, and pine needles during the fall and winter with this Weather-Out pump cover.

$ 89.99 $ 119.99


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