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Unicel C-7652 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Weight: 4 oz. 
• Area: 50 sq. ft. 
• Width: 7" 
• Length: 19.375" 
• Part Number: FC-2580 
• Top Style: 3" Open 
• Bottom Style: 3" Open 
• Compatible replacement for: Swimquip 50, Pleatco PPC50, Aladdin 15008, Sta-Rite: 24241-0016, Sta-Rite: WC108-141SI 
The Unicel C-7652 R Compatible Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge is a compatible replacement filter also known as the Filbur FC-2580. This swimming pool filter contains a high end filter media that is made to get rid of dirt and bacteria. The compatible Unicel C-7652 has a center core designed to increase the strength of the filter so it can handle a large amount of pressure. The PVC center core contains punched holes that allow it to handle the high pressure of a filtration system. This spa filter has a large band around the filter media that keeps the media in place, working at its highest efficiency. This pool filter cartridge is improved to increase the filtration performance.
List Price : $ 39.95
Price :

$ 35.99