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Unicel C-4315 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Weight: 3 oz.
• Closed top hole
• Area: 15 sq. ft.
• Part number: Unicel C-4315 R / Filbur FC-0200
• Dimensions: 4.25” x 7.125”
• Bottom style: 2” Open
• Top style: Handle

The Unicel C-4315 R Compatible Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge, also known as the Filbur FC-0200, is a direct replacement spa and pool filter cartridge designed to exact OEM specification – no need for pool filter pad adapters. This filter replaces the Aladdin 11506, Pleatco PIC15 and OEM model number 16219.

The compatible Unicel C-4315 swimming pool filter from Filbur delivers its trusted filtration quality. This filter’s reinforced antimicrobial end caps actively repel the build-up of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew, meaning less cleaning, fewer replacements and improved efficiency. The C-4315 benefits from genuine Reemay filter media – spunbond polyester, which resists unraveling, fraying and won’t react to your pool or spa’s common chemicals. This spa filter also uses reinforced and extruded PVC center core and break-resistant bands for extra durability.
List Price : $ 29.95
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$ 19.14