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Swimquip 18X5X18 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Swimquip center port
• 100% polypropylene cloth
• Diatomaceous Earth filter grid
• Part number: Swimquip 18X5X18 R / Filbur FC-9810
• Dimensions: 18” x 5”

The Swimquip 18X5X18 R Compatible Pool & Spa Filter, also known as the Filbur FC-9810, is a replacement grid spa and pool filter cartridge. This spa filter replaces the Unicel FG-3005.

The compatible Swimquip 18X5X18 DE filter grid from Filbur is designed to exact OEM specification and is suitable for Diatomaceous Earth filter applications. As an OEM approved product, it requires no pool filter pad adapters. This swimming pool filter has long lasting, welded seams and filter media which resists fraying, unraveling and won’t react to common pool and spa chemicals.
List Price : $ 23.30
Price :

$ 20.99