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Stress Therapy Spa Salt - 19 Ounce - Spazazz De-Stress


• Product Name: Stress Therapy Spa Salt
• Brand: Spazazz
• Size: 19 ounces

Feeling tired and stressed? Enhance your sense of well-being with these ‘De-Stress’ Spazazz Stress Therapy Spa Salts. Soaking in this special blend of hot tub salts will soothe any inflammation in your muscles and joints, while easing swelling and stress. Spazazz spa therapy is the all-natural way to relieve tension and promote self-healing. The spa bath salt’s delightful blend of sensual aromas with therapeutic benefits relaxes your body and soothes your mind, eliminating the stress and tension of the day. These all-natural hot tub scents will not change your water chemistry or leave behind any oily residue.

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