STA-RITE MPRA6D204L Dyna-Pro E 3/4 HP 115V 230V

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STA-RITE MPRA6D204L Dyna-Pro E 3/4 HP 115V 230V

The Dyna-Pro E MPRA6D204L Pool and Spa Pump features a .75-HP, 230-volt motor that delivers optimal and energy-efficient performance every time. The Dyna-Pro E drastically reduces cleaning with its superb high-capacity trap that holds a large amount of debris. Built with two quick-disconnect plumbing unions, the Dyna-Pro E is easier to disassemble and service. Removing the lid is also a breeze with the patented Cam and Ramp which locks into place with just a quarter turn. 

  • Superior hydraulic design and optional energy-efficient motor deliver effortless performance, energy savings, and extended pump life
  • High-capacity trap hold a large amount of debris for longer periods between cleanings
  • The Cam and Ramp lid is easy to remove and locks in place with a quarter turn, making inspection and cleaning a breeze
  • Quick-disconnect plumbing unions for faster disassembly and easier service
  • Heavy-duty construction and a motor rated for continuous operation make Dyna-Pro a tough, long-lasting performer
  • Precision-fit internal components and a specially designed sound-dampening base make pump operation incredibly quiet 

$ 678.91 $ 929.81


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