Hayward SP99DBL Swimming Pool Winter Plug

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Hayward SP99DBL Swimming Pool Winter Plug

• Model Number: SP99DBL
• Brand: Hayward
• Type: Winter Plug

It’s important to safeguard your pool or spa when winter arrives so you do not have damage from the freezing temperatures. After you drain the water and close everything down at the end of the season, install pool and spa winter plugs to protect your return fittings, pipes and skimmer too. Replacement winter plugs such as this durable Hayward SP99DBL Winter Plug will keep water from entering, freezing, and then expanding, which can cause extensive damage to your equipment. These Hayward winter plugs are made of strong plastic material that can withstand the cold and harsh winter weather, so they can be reused each winter.

Specifications: http://www.technicalproductsco.com/tpc3-plugs-frame.htm

$ 12.62 $ 11.99


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