Hayward SP214VSS Swimming Pool Winter Plug

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Hayward SP214VSS Swimming Pool Winter Plug

• Model Number: SP214VSS
• Brand: Hayward
• Type: Winter Plug

#14 Winter Plug 3" Pipe with Blowout Valve and Stainless Steel Wing Nut

If you need to winterize your pool or spa, it is essential that you prevent water from getting into your pipes or return fittings buy using quality pool and spa winter plugs. If you do not, extensive damage can occur and be very costly to fix, but using the Hayward SP214VSS Winter Plug can prevent this freeze damage by creating an airtight seal that does not allow any water to leak in. These plastic Hayward winter plugs are strong and durable, with the ability to withstand harsh, cold winters and be used year after year. These replacement winter plugs are inexpensive and easy to use so you can quickly install them and safeguard your equipment.

Specifications: http://www.technicalproductsco.com/tpc3-plugs-frame.htm

$ 14.41 $ 13.99


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