Hayward SP213SS Swimming Pool Winter Plug

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Hayward SP213SS Swimming Pool Winter Plug

• Model Number: SP213SS
• Brand: Hayward
• Type: Winter Plug

Pool and spa winter plugs can be used on your return fittings, pipes, and pool skimmers to prevent water freeze damage from occurring during the harsh winter months. The Hayward SP213SS Winter Plug is constructed from strong plastic material and will create a tight-fitting seal that will keep water from leaking. Since water cannot enter, it won’t cause freeze damage, so you can live through the winter months without worrying about the safety of your pool equipment. These replacement winter plugs are simple to install as well, making them a quick and easy solution for any pool or spa owner trying to survive the winter months.

Specifications: http://www.technicalproductsco.com/tpc3-plugs-frame.htm

$ 9.16 $ 8.99


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