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Aquacover Estate - In-Ground Rectangle Winter Pool Covers

• Features polyethelane fabric
• Available in sizes 12 by 24 feet to 24 by 44 feet
• Easy to move
• Durable seams
• Available in models 451220REEST5BX, GLI 451220REEST5BX, and more.

Keeping your in-ground pool protected from the harsh realities of winter no longer needs to be difficult with the range of Aquacover Estate in-ground rectangle winter pool covers from GLI. When the weather is so cold you can no longer swim in your pool, having a good winter pool cover can make the springtime clean up easier. This GLI winter cover is made from a fabric called polyethelane, which means it is extra-durable. Unlike many other types of vinyl, polyethelane does not snap against the brutalities of cold weather, allowing you to rest assured that your pool will remain protected. It is this same material that prevents excessive evaporation. If you choose to use certain chemicals in your pool during the winter, halting evaporation is key to letting them do their job properly.

As well as being snap-free, your replacement winter pool cover from GLI is fray free. GLI achieve this by using Hold-Tite on the seams, as well as double sealing them. This ensures that frays do not occur, even under the environmental stresses of sun, chemicals, and rain. While frays may seem like a small problem at first, they can soon turn into larger tears. As such, protecting them wherever you can is a great way to keep your pool protected.

If you dread the thought of moving your pool & spa winter cover into place, do not fret. GLI's covers are lightweight, which means they are easy to maneuver. Further to this, their compact lightweight material means they take up less space when in storage. This means that, when the summer returns, you do not have to worry about your pool cover taking up too much of your garage.

With multiple benefits to its structure and numerous sizes available, you can use your GLI in-ground cover to protect your pool from debris, dirt, and excessive algae. This cover is available in the following sizes:

• 12 x 24 ft.
• 14 x 28 ft.
• 16 x 24 ft.
• 16 x 32 ft.
• 16 x 36 ft.
• 16 x 40 ft.
• 18 x 36 ft.
• 18 x 40 ft.
• 20 x 40 ft.
• 20 x 44 ft.
• 24 x 40 ft.
• 24 x 44 ft.
• 25 x 50 ft.
• 30 x 50 ft.

$ 53.99 $ 71.99


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