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Filbur FC-3530 Replacement Filter for Pleatco Plb65 Pool & Spa

• Weight: 4 oz. 
• 2 15/16” top hole 
• Area: 65 sq. ft. 
• Part number: FC-3530 
• Dimensions: 7 1/2” x 14 13/16” 
• Bottom style: Open 
• Top style: Open 
The Filbur FC-3530 is a cost effective alternative to replace the Pleatco PLB65 R Compatible 65 Square Foot Swimming Pool Filter.  Featuring reinforced antimicrobial end caps with molded-in fittings for easy installation and removal, this Filbur FC-3530 Replacement Filter for Pleatco Plb65  spa filter is designed to block odor-causing bacteria and mold and keep your pool clean. Each Filbur end cap is scientifically formulated to prevent decay caused by concentrated levels of salt and chlorine. 
The Filbur FC-3530 Replacement Filter for Pleatco Plb65 pool filter also incorporates wider break-resistant bands to help keep filter pleats perfectly spaced to improve filtration and water flow. Utilizing sharp pleat folds, this swimming pool filter also allows deep dirt penetration for easy cleaning.
List Price : $ 47.99
Price :

$ 37.99