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pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System - HPR1710

Take the guesswork out of maintaining your pool forever with the pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System - HPR1710. This state-of-the art water monitoring system monitors water chemistry and temperature around the clock!

The HPR1710 works with pool, hot tubs and swim spas that use chlorine, salt and bromine. It also tests for total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid, as needed. PLEASE NOTE: This is the Monitor only. 


  • Part Number: HPR1710

  • pHin includes:

  • pHin Smart Monitor: remotely monitors water chemistry 24/7 with a lab-grade sensor for reliability and accuracy, and wirelessly broadcasts the data to the pHin Wireless Bridge, using energy-efficient Bluetooth® technology

  • pHin Wireless Bridge: picks up the water chemistry data and securely sends it to the pHin Cloud over the home WiFi

  • pHin Calibration Kit: provides additional water analysis to keep an eye on the chemical levels that are important but change slowly, such as total alkalinity, hardness and CYA

  • pHin Mobile App: guides customers through pHin setup and provides alerts, notifications and news related to their water chemistry, and pHin products and services


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