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Pentair 57014200 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Weight: 4 oz. 
• 3” top hole 
• Area: 35 sq. ft. 
• Part number: FC-0660 
• Dimensions: 7” x 9 13/16” 
• Bottom Style: Open 
• Top style: Open 

The Pentair 57014200 R Compatible 35 Square Foot Pool Filter is a compatible replacement pool filter cartridge, manufactured by Filbur, for the compatible Pentair 57014200 for swimming pools and spas. This compatible Pentair pool filter cartridge features high quality polyester media designed for durability and high performance filtration. The reinforced center cores help prevent cartridge collapse under heavy loading and pressure differential. 

The extruded PVC center cores are among the strongest available for swimming pool filters. Its round holes provide even distribution of water pressure and stress, thus eliminating the potential for cracks in your spa filter. In addition, the pleated pool filter provides increased flow, which helps keep your pool and spa clean.
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Price :

$ 27.99