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Pco Psd125-2000 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Weight: 3 oz.
• Area: 125 sq. ft.
• Width: 8.5”
• Length: 19”
• Top Style: 2 ½” Beveled edge
• Bottom Style: 2 1/2” Open
• Compatible Replacement For: Sundance Double End 120, Unicel C-8326, Pleatco PSD125-2000/-M, Aladdin 22507, Sundance Spas: 6540-488

The PCO PSD125-2000 R Compatible Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge is a compatible filter cartridge replacement for the Filbur FC-2780. This swimming pool filter comes complete with a polyester filter media that is designed to be efficient and run smoothly. This spa filter also contains a PVC center core that is very strong and will evenly distribute stress along the entire filter, decreasing the chance of it breaking or cracking. This pool filter has larger support bands made to keep the filter media in place, functioning at a high level, and is also resistant to wear and tear. The compatible PCO PSD125-2000 has antimicrobial end caps that fight off any harmful bacteria or mold. The end caps also have molded fittings that make it very easy to install or remove.
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