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Aquacover Oval Classic Winter Pool Covers

• Lightweight
• Reinforced seams
• Polyethelane fabric
• Available from 10 x 15 ft. to 21 x 41 ft.
• 7 year/1-year limited manufacturer warranty

The GLI Aquacover Oval Classic Winter Pool Covers range is available for pools in a variety of sizes. With each one featuring lightweight materials, they are extraordinarily versatile. These pool covers are available in the following sizes:

• 10 x 15 ft.
• 12 x 18 ft.
• 12 x 21 ft.
• 12 x 24 ft.
• 15 x 20/ 21 ft.
• 15 x 27 ft.
• 15 x 30 ft.
• 15/ 16 x 24/ 25 ft.
• 16 x 31/ 32 ft.
• 18 x 32/ 33/ 34 ft.
• 18 x 36 ft.
• 21 x 41 ft.

Owing to the oval size, the GLI winter cover is ideal for above ground pools. When the winter sets in, these pools are often more exposed to the elements than other varieties. With a cover that fits snugly around the edges, it is possible for any above ground pool to withstand the weather, leaving it in an agreeable state when the spring comes back around. Thanks to the variety of GLI winter cover sizes available, the chances are you can find something that fits your pool perfectly.

Whether you are seeking a replacement winter pool cover or one that can last for years to come, the durable materials used by GLI should satisfy your needs. The primary material of note, polyethelane, will not snap during the cold weather. As the rain starts to fall and the snow sets in, many winter covers snap as a result of the conditions they encounter. The GLI winter cover is different, as the chemical components of polyethelane prevent rigidity at all times. While this material is extra tough, it is far from troublesome when it comes to storage. Less is more as far as polyethelane is concerned, which means each cover is light and easy to store. It is this same lightweight material that makes using the cover to protect your pool stress-free, making it convenient for most households.

Covering your pool during the winter gives you the best chance of preventing creeping algae from ruining it come spring. A pool & spa winter cover from GLI’s range uses double-edged seaming to prevent inconvenient tears. When tears occur in more conventional vinyl covers, algae growth is promoted due to air exposure and differing changes in temperatures. Aquacover Oval Classic Winter Pool Covers not only feature double stitching, their stitching is reinforced so that chemicals, the sun, and the rain will not cause them to come loose. Once your cover is firmly in place, you can look forward to an algae-free start to the season once the sun re-emerges next year.

Finally, just to be extra sure that the seams will not cause pool owners any worries, GLI have used Hold-Tite to keep the edges shut. As one of the leading sealant and adhesive manufacturers in the U.S., Hold-Tite are adept at making sure edges stay closed, even in the face of tough conditions. This means that, no matter where you live, you can be sure you are making the right choice when it comes to your winter pool cover. With this winter cover, you can rest assured that your annual springtime pool clean-up is a breeze, allowing you to return to your usual swimming activities.

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