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Brown Brogue

Maytronics DL-9995550 Bottom Lid Assembly and Support Dolphin

The Maytronics DL9995550 forms the bottom of the robotic cleaner where the filter bag attaches. This replacement bottom lid assembly and support is used on numerous Maytronic Dolphin robotic cleaners. These include: Dolphin 2002/Diagnostic, Dolphin Diagnostic 3001, Dolphin 2 x 2, Dolphin Advantage, Dolphin Advantage with Remote, Dolphin Commander, Dolphin Explorer, Dolphin Heavy Duty, Dolphin Interactive, Dolphin Pro, Dolphin Pro with Remote, Dolphin Sprite, Dolphin Stinger, Dolphin DX5, Dolphin Evolution X5, Dolphin Wave 50, Dolphin C5, and Dolphin C6 Plus.   Included with the Bottom Lid Assembly and Support Dolphin is; (2) Bases for non return flap, (2) Non return flaps, (2) Springs, (2) Filter bag supports, metal, (2) Bottom lid brackets, yellow plastic, and (4) Filter support locks, black plastic. The dimensions are 12-5/8"; 8-1/4"; 9-1/2" (from base to top of bag support).

• Part Number: DL9995550
• Replacement Bottom Lid Assembly and Support Dolphin
• Dimensions are 12-5/8"x8-1/4"x9-1/2" (from base to top of bag support)

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