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King Technology 01143318 Frog Test Strips

The King Technology 01143318 Frog Water Test Strips precisely measure chlorine or bromine levels at the low end of the scale - something ordinary test strips won’t do. Such accuracy is important since Frog Mineral Systems are designed to operate at just 0.5 parts per million of chlorine for pools or 1.0 ppm of bromine for spas. Frog Test Strips have the ease of dip and read. No swirling or shaking water off. The color matches are sharp and precise even at the low levels. Frog Test Strips also show the ideal chlorine or bromine range when using Frog minerals right on the bottle. In 15 seconds, you'll what level of chlorine or bromine is in the water, as well as whether the pH and total alkalinity are balanced.


  • Part Number: 01143318
  • Each bottle contains 50 strips
  • Easy to use and understand
  • $ 15.53 $ 19.19


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