Jandy Nicheless LED Light - JLUW10-100

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Jandy Nicheless LED Light - JLUW10-100

• Non-metallic
• Pure white light

The 10W Nicheless LED Light with the 100-Foot Cord length produces vibrant light without sending energy costs soaring, much like the Jandy 10W Nicheless LED light with the 100-Foot Cord length. These energy-efficient lights come in several different styles to match your individual tastes. The white lights produce a pure, vibrant light that will illuminate dark areas of your pool. If you want a dramatic effect, use a watercolor light instead of a white one. These underwater lights are 100 percent non-metallic, making installation simple. When you use these LED lights along with other swimming pool features, you will be able to create just the right ambience for your outdoor entertainment area.

$ 274.79 $ 289.19


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