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Jack's Magic 1 oz Super Pac Multi Enzyme

Jack's Magic natural multi-enzyme Super Pacs are a unique blend of natural enzymes developed specifically for pools and spas. Super Pacs combine the high performance of powerful multi-enzyme action with the biodegradable features of truly 'green' product. Super Pacs break down oils, lotions, make up and other common organic pool and spa contaminants, preventing scum line build up and dull cloudy water. Super Pac treats up to 20,000 gallons of pool (or spa) water for 2 weeks. This product is easy to use - simply drop in the skimmer basket and enjoy beautiful water. For swimming pools between 20,000 and 40,000 gallons, or for exceptionally heavy daily bather loads, add 2 Super Pacs every 2 weeks. Prevents build-up of oils, lotions and other contaminants that create scum line Enhances and extends filtration Improved water clarity Reduces chemical usage Phosphate free Premixed, pre-measured, quick dissolving Super Pacs save time and money Biodegradable 

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