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The Skimmer Angel Basket Handle - GPIANGEL

The Gabco GPIANGEL Skimmer with Angel Basket Handle is essential for maintaining clean, clear pool and spa water. Located at the waterline, the Gabco skimmer features a filter cartridge and removable basket for trapping debris. This replacement skimmer basket handle is made of durable plastic. It attaches easily to the skimmer basket to ensure efficient debris filtration. To replace, easily install the pool and spa skimmer handle by placing it under the basket lid, located just above the waterline. Once installed, it will keep leaves, bugs, and other debris from flowing into your pool water. The Gabco skimmer conveniently attaches to any in-ground pool skimmer basket. Two screws are provided for quick and easy installation.


  • Brand: Gabco
  • Model Number: GPIANGEL 
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Material: Plastic 


$ 13.19 $ 15.59


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