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GLI 451632REEPX5BX Estate Plus Xtreme Glacier Blue Solid Pool Cover /w Perimeter Binding

The GLI 451632REEPX5BX Estate Plus Extreme pool cover has a 14x14 thread count for greater durability. The 2" perimeter binding prevents fraying or edge damage that results from demanding use. Brass grommets and double stitched loops keep the pool cover secure to prevent unwanted debris and other items from falling into the water.


GLI 451632REEPX5BX Specifications
• Part Number: 451632REEPX5BX 
• Dimensions: 16'x32' Rectangle Pool; 21'x37' Cover Size
• Keeps pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves, and debris
• Stop chemical loss through evaporation
• 14x14 Thread Count
• 2" Perimeter binding
• 2 Mil Poly Coatings
• Brass Grommets and Double Stitched Loops
• 20 Year Warranty

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$ 45.95