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APC FF2099 Swimming Pool Winter Plug

Freeze damage can be a costly problem for pool and spa owners if they fail to protect their pipes, return lines, and skimmers from cold weather. This problem can be easily avoided by using a low-cost, effective replacement winter plug like the high-quality APC FF2099 winter plug. This APC winter plug is easy to use and made of strong, long-lasting material so you can use it year after year and it will continue to provide a high level of performance. The pool and spa plug creates an airtight seal that prevents any water from entering and then freezing once the weather turns cold.

Model Number: FF2099
• Brand: APC
• Type: Winter Plug

Sizing Chart: http://www.technicalproductsco.com/tpc3-plugs-frame.htm

$ 15.14 $ 13.79


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