APC FF1111 Swimming Pool Winter Plug

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APC FF1111 Swimming Pool Winter Plug

• Model Number: FF1111
• Brand: APC
• Fits 2” Pipes

If you own a spa or pool and are closing it down for the winter, consider protecting your return fittings, skimmer, and pipes from freeze damage by using replacement winter plugs such as the effective APC FF1111 winter plug. This APC winter plug is for use with 2” pipes and features strong, durable material that will withstand cold temperatures and last for years. These pool and spa winter plugs work by forming an airtight seal so that no water gets through, thus eliminating the possibility that water could freeze and expand to cause damage once the cold weather sets in. These inexpensive winter plugs are easy to use so you can quickly install them and start protecting your equipment immediately.

Sizing Chart: http://www.technicalproductsco.com/tpc3-plugs-frame.htm

$ 8.39 $ 10.79


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