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Filbur FC-9240 - DE Grid Pool Filter Replacement 8-Pack

• Diameter: 10.75"
• Length: 25.375"
• Compatible replacement for Unicel FG-1248
The Filbur FC-9240 - DE Grid Pool Filter Replacement has been created with the same attention to detail as all the other products made by Filbur (be they pool filters or spa filters). Like every other pool filter cartridge manufactured by Filbur, this grid pool filter replacement is built in such a way as to be both efficient and enduring to various factors. The swimming pool filters made by Filbur are thus a great solution (even to those who do not have much experience in the field, especially since their installation is very easy). The fact that this FC-9240 grid pool replacement has less glued joints and the fact that its seams are welded are two of the main contributors to the product’s resistance. In addition to that, FC-9240 is reinforced with resistant connections and frames, which make it even more enduring.
List Price : $ 299.00
Price :

$ 199.60

Due to high demand, please allow 1 to 3 weeks lead time