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Filbur FC-6455 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge - PA137-PAK4

• Weight: 4 oz
• Top Hole: 3” (open)
• Bottom Hole: 3” (open)
• Area: 550 Sq. Ft.
• Dimensions: 32 7/8” x 7”
• Part Number: FC-6455 
• Compatible replacement for the Hayward CX1380RE QUAD, Hayward CX 1380 QUAD, Unicel C-7490, Pleatco PA137-PAK4
The Filbur FC-6455 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge - PA137-PAK4 is a four pack of compatible replacement pool filters for the Hayward CX1380RE QUAD and Hayward CX 1380 QUAD. The interior of the Filbur pool filters and spa filters is extremely well-built, which ensures the resistance of the entire filtering structure. Their seamless PVC core makes sure that no stress is big enough as to make the filter crack or collapse. Furthermore the antimicrobial end caps of this pool filter cartridge are created to repel bacteria and odor-producing and mold.
List Price : $ 308.57
Price :

$ 277.99