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Filbur FC-6315 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge - ELE-75, C-7301, PAE75

• Weight: 3 oz
• Top Hole: 2 15/16” (open)
• Bottom Hole: 2 15/16” (open)
• Area: 75 Sq. Ft.
• Dimensions: 14.625” x 7.25”
• Part Number: FC-6315
• Compatible replacement for the Advantage Electric 75, Advantage Manufacturing ELE-75, Unicel C-7301, Pleatco PAE75 and Aladdin 17535
The Filbur FC-6315 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge is a pool filter cartridge compatible with the Advantage ELE-75, which covers an area of 75 square feet. The FC-6315 model can replace also replace the Aladdin 17535, the Unicel C-7301, and Pleatco PAE75. The pool filters and spa filters manufactured by Filbur possess unique qualities that make them popular among customers. First of all, these swimming pool filters are built to endure, especially due to their PVC built core. The FC-6315 is also built to keep a wide range of bacteria at bay with end caps treated with special solutions that keep away bacteria that may cause odor and mold.
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$ 39.99