Filbur FC-6005 Pool & Spa Water Filter Cartridge

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Filbur FC-6005 Pool & Spa Water Filter Cartridge

• Weight: 4 oz
• Width: 7.75”
• Length: 9”
• Replaces the Harmsco ST-55 

The Filbur FC-6005 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge is an advanced, cartridge replacement designed for pool and spas. Every spa and pool must be safeguarded within the bounds of a sturdy framework, one that will make it last in the presence of changing conditions. The FC-6005 pool filter has an intrinsic system designed to for a continued sense of renewal and durability. This is very important in the context of fungus, mold and bacteria, which are prime culprits in the major causes of spa and pool filter failure. This swimming pool filter’s impressive framework is unique and distinguished because of its ingenious detail. It remains intact and decreases the likelihood of corrosion, breakage, chopping, or any degree of physical damage. The secret to this sturdy model is its added tinge of flexibility, reinforced through polyester and Reemay filter media.

$ 29.52 $ 39.12


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