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Filbur FC-3730 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge - PC-11, C-4611, PC11-4 - 12 Pack

• Weight: 3 oz.
• Length: 11"
• Diameter: 4 3/4"
• Top: Open 1 1/8"
• Bottom: Open 2 3/8"
• 8 sq. ft.
• 12 Pack
With the Filbur FC-3730 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge, you get a filter capable of replacing the Coleco F-112 (w/core), the Coleco F-350, DR-11, F-112, the Pleatco PC-11, the Pleatco PC11-4, the Unicel C-4611and the Aladdin 10803 filters. Capable of covering up to eight sq. ft. of pool or spa area, the Filbur FC-3730 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge’s filter is pleated and made out of Reemay spunbound polyester. Its caps are thermally bonded polyurethane and encapsulate the center core which is reinforced with PVC pipe. This all makes for a filter that can maintain and clean your water and defend itself from normal wear and tear. If you are in the market for a new filter, consider the Filbur FC-3730 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge.
List Price : $ 79.95
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$ 74.95