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Pool Filter FC-3709 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge - C-4606 - 15 Pack

• Weight: 4 oz.
• Area: 5 sq. ft.
• Top style: 1 15/16" Open
• Bottom style: 1 15/16" Open
• Part number FC-3709
• Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 8" 
• 15 Pack
The Filbur FC-3709 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge is ideal for a pool or spa with an area of five sq. ft. or less. It can be utilized to replace the Coleco F-120 (no core) or the Unicel C-4606 filter. Its core is reinforced with PVC piping, meaning the filter will not only clean your pool but also stand up to any of the wear and tear that comes with the job. Both end caps are designed with antimicrobial technology that fights the mold and bacteria that so often cause an unpleasant odor with pool and spa filters. The Filbur FC-3709 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge is designed with support bands that are wider in construction making them more resistant to breaking.
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$ 64.95