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Filbur FC-1225 Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge

The Filbur FC-1225 is a replacement pool filter cartridge for the Hayward C3025 pool and spa filtration system. These pool or spa filters are tightly-pleated polyester and contain a PVC-enforced open core. The system requires four cartridges for a total water filtration surface area of 325 square feet. The FC-1225 swimming pool filters are able to replace the following manufacturer part numbers: Hayward CX580-XRE, Unicel C-7483, Pleatco PA81/-4/PAK4, and Aladdin 18101.


  • Brand: Filbur
  • Model Number: FC-1225 
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Width: 7" 
  • Length: 19.625" 
  • Weight: 4 oz. 
  • Filtration Area: 81 sq. ft. 
  • Top and Bottom Style: 3" open

Compatible Models:

The Filbur FC-1225 is the correct replacement for the following:

  • Hayward CX580-XRE
  • Unicel C-7483
  • Pleatco PA81/-4/PAK4,
  • Aladdin 18101

$ 71.96 $ 83.94


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