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Aquacover Round Estate Winter Covers

• Polyester thread
• Area: 12-33 ft. round
• Heat welded seams
• Reversible
• 30% lighter than standard covers
• Available in models 450015RDEST4BX, GLI 450015RDEST4BX and more.

Featuring reversible sides with the same color, the Aquacover Round Winter Estate Cover will keep your pool protected during those cold winter months. Complete with perimeter binding and heat welded seams, this cover is designed to remain in place for the duration of any cold spell. These heat welded seams come complete with Hold-Tite reinforcements, which are designed to prevent fraying. This ensures they do not encounter damage while being stored, nor will they come loose during the wind. To enhance the Hold-Tite reinforcements, double stitching is in place. This double stitching is chemical, sun, and rain proof, preventing tears and damage.

The Aquacover Round Winter Estate Cover is available in the following sizes:

• 15 ft.
• 18 ft.
• 21 ft.
• 24 ft.
• 28 ft.
• 30 ft.

Through the use of Polyethalane fabric, each round cover is designed to ensure freezing and cracking does not occur. When the rain falls and winter temperatures kick in, frost can cause many other forms of fabric to snap. Without this occurrence, you can ensure your pool is not unnecessarily polluted. This type of durability also allows you to keep your pool free from algae, leaves, and bugs, keeping it clean for when the summer makes a return. With smaller versions of the GLI winter cover being suitable for above ground pools, larger versions are well suited to those that rest in the ground. As a pool & spa winter cover, the Aquacover round winter estate cover is also suitable for hot tubs and spas.

Regardless of how big your required cover is, you can enjoy easy manouverability thanks to the lightweight design. While making the most of the best water and weather proof materials available, the manufacturers have ensured that each cover is easy to remove and store. This means it takes up less storage space during the summer, and is easy to implement during the winter. Whether you use yours as a replacement winter cover or as a permanent fixture, you will be glad you took action when the warm weather comes back around.

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