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Pool Filter Blue Falls 25 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp. - BLUE-FALLS-25-R

• Weight: 3 oz.
• Top Hole: 2 1/8 inches
• Area: 25 Sq. Ft.
• Also known as Filbur FC-2375
• Dimensions: 4 15/16” x 13 5/16”
• Bottom style: Open
• Top Style: Open
• Compatible replacement for Rainbow/Pentair Dynamic 25; Coleman Spas 100586; Custom Molded Products 100586; Custom Molded Products 33521; Custom Molded Products 172327; Hot Springs Spas 33521; Leisure Bay/Rec Warehouse 100586; Leisure Bay/Rec Warehouse 33521; Leisure Bay/Rec Warehouse 172327; Leisure Bay/Rec Warehouse 25392; Pentair Pool Products/Rainbow Plastics 100586; Pentair Pool Products/Rainbow Plastics 33521; Pentair Pool Products/Rainbow Plastics 172327; Unicel C-4326; Pleatco PRB25-IN; Aladdin 12502

The Blue Falls 25 R Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Compatible (also known as the Filbur FC-2375) is one of the pool filters that will effectively clean and purify the water of your pool and spa. You can replace pool filter cartridge units with this model for both pools and spas, as it is compatible with either. Spa filters are often used to simply purify the water; however, this filter is capable of much more. This trustworthy and reliable swimming pool filter will help to protect against mold, mildew, and bacteria (through its antimicrobial end caps), as well as keep the water purified and clear. The antimicrobial end caps on the compatible Blue Falls 25 will protect the clarity of your pool and spa water all summer long. You will be the envy of the town with your pristine swimming water thanks to this filter.
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$ 14.99