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Balboa BB54357 VS501Z Circuit Board

The Balboa BB54357 Circuit Board VS501ZR2B Spa Controller features Pump 1 dual speed, Blower/Pump 2 single-speed, Ozone and Circulation Pump. This circuit board is compatible with the following Balboa Topside Panels: 52144, 51676, 51223, 51248, 54094.

Dimensions: 11-in x 5-in.

This board uses M7 technology so there is no pressure switch needed.. A 2 Speed Pump (120 or 240 volts). A 1 Speed Pump or A Blower (120 or 240 volts). A Circulation Pump (120 or 240 volts.. If used a minimum of 30gpm is required for the heater). An Auxiliary Accessory. An ozone (Voltage must match pump 1). A Light (12 volts)


$ 166.77 $ 221.28


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