Aquatemp 84-92291 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

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Aquatemp 84-92291 Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge Comp.

• Length: 29"
• Diameter: 7 1/4"
• Media area: 135 sq. ft.
• Top/bottom style: 2 15/16" Open
• Also known as Filbur FC-6240
• Compatible replacement for Aquatemp 135-7, Aquatemp 84-92291, Unicel C-7623, and Aladdin 23502 
The AQUATEMP 84-92291 R Compatible Replacement Filter For Spas and Pools, also known as the Filbur FC-6440, is constructed for optimal use. Noted for its Reemay filter media, and free flow Pleatco core, this pool filter is engineered for advanced filtration processes. This spa filter enables the fluid movement of water throughout the framework of the cartridge itself. This design is optimized for efficient filtration, and its surface is structured to stave of bacteria populations. Specifically, it is reinforced with a greater media surface, which counteracts these microbes.
The resiliency of this swimming pool filter enables it to endure hostile conditions, and reduces the likelihood of wear and tear. Its free flow core gives rise to cleaner water. These filters serve a viable function for pools everywhere. They eliminate toxins, microbes and anything that may tarnish the relative quality of the pool water. This compatible Aquatemp replacement should be utilized when the pool filter itself needs to be replaced. Filter cartridges generally have an extensive lifespan, as they are not characterized by electrical or moving components that have the potential to malfunction.

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