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Aqua Products JetMax Junior Pool Cleaner

The Aqua Products JetMax Junior works without the complexity or cost to replace drive motors, tracks, pulleys, bearings, swivels or brushes found on competitor cleaners. By simply diverting the expelled clean filtered water JetMAX cleaners are hydraulic jet-drive propelled. They Deep Clean and power wash sand,silt and pollen from surface pores, corners and grout lines, where brushes and other cleaners can't reach. Weighs half as much as competitive performance models with a 40% wider cleaning path and 3 times the vacuum speed. Cleans pools in as little as 1 hour. Most are equipped with a Manual Guidance Attachment (MGA) feature for spot cleaning without the cost or danger of poolside portable vacuums. Full 2 year warranty.

$ 1,320.00 $ 1,626.41


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