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Pool Filter Aladdin 15004 Comp Pool and Spa Filter Replacement

The Aladdin 15004 R Compatible Pool and Spa Filter Replacement, made by Filbur, features an rigid internal PVC core to withstand high flow rates. A special gasket design allows for tighter seals ensuring effective filtration to increases the economy of your cleaning system. A special antimicrobial, polyester material keeps bacteria and mold from the water in your pool and spa.

• Part number FC-1240
• Weight: 3 oz.
• Open top hole
• Area: 50 sq. ft.
• Part number FC-1240
• Dimensions: 7" x 19 5/8"
• Bottom Style: 3" Open with Gasket
• Top Style: 3" Open with Gasket
• Replace filters as recommended for optimum performance.
List Price : $ 38.58
Price :

$ 34.99