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Pool Filter Aber Hot Tub 03FIL1400 Pool and Spa Water Filter - AHT-03FIL1400-R

The Aber Hot Tub 03FIL1400 R Pool and Spa Water Filter, manufactured by Filbur, is designed for heavy use and high suction flow rates. This compatible pool filter cartridge uses a closed, crescent handle top design to make installing and locking pool filters easier, providing a seal essential for  maximizing efficiency. A PVC core provides a rigid support frame for the filter barrier material. Filbur spa filters use a close weave antimicrobial polyester material to capture and retrain bacteria and mold without allowing it to re-enter your pool. Keeping your pool and spa free of bacteria and mold not only provides clean and safe water, but makes the overall maintenance of the system easier.

• Part number: AHT-03FIL1400-R
• Weight: 3 oz.
• Open top hole
• Area: 40 sq. ft.
• Part number FC-0359
• Dimensions: 6" x 8-1/4"
• Bottom style: 1-1/2" Open, SAE
• Top style: Closed, Crescent Handle
List Price : $ 27.80
Price :

$ 24.99