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Waterway Blower 1HP 110V - 700-1011-449

The Waterway centrifugally powered pool & spa Blower 1HP110V W/4' JJ Mini 14/3 is the perfect pool accessory for outdoor, residential use thanks to its durability, heavy-duty high-temperature construction, and water resistance (hence why it's an allowable poolside product). It can last a person quite a long time because it's constructed with high-impact Waterway use in mind (with its longevity further guaranteed with a one-year warranty; if it doesn't last at least a whole year, you can get a new one or fix whatever is wrong with your current air blower). It's built for regular, carefree use and it is easy-to-install to boot. Its motor is particularly quiet as well.


• Cooler and quieter motor performance
• Impact-resistant construction
• UL and CSA tested, certified, and listed

$ 128.39 $ 179.99


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