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Melissa & Doug Memory Game Kids Pool Toy 6663

• Ages 6+
• Adult supervision required
• Melissa and Doug 6663
• Dimensions: 17.37” x 8” x 0.87” Packaged
• Pool toy - Maritime Mates Memory Game

The Memory Game Kids Pool Toy by Melissa and Doug makes for an action-packed memory game! This Melissa and Doug Pool Toy include 10 hinged shells that open to reveal charming illustrations of the maritime mates. These Melissa and Doug Toys feature unique characters to inspire children to learn how to stretch their mental muscles and swim.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
• Adjust the difficulty of the games by playing in shallower or deeper water, as appropriate to the swimming skills of the players.
1. Close all the shells and toss them into the pool.
2. Player 1 picks up a pair of shells and opens them. If the characters inside match, the player scores one point, the matching pair is removed from the pool, and Player 1 goes again.
3. If the shells do not match, the shells are returned to the pool, and Player 2 takes a turn.
4. Continue playing until all the pairs have been found. Whoever finds the most pairs wins!
• More games are available!

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