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Melissa & Doug Sink & Seek Diving Pool Rings 6655

• Ages 5+
• Adult supervision required
• Melissa and Doug 6655
• Dimensions: 16” x 8” x 1” Packaged
• Sink & Sink Diving Pool Rings- Melissa and Doug Pool Diving Toy

The Sink & Seek Diving Pool Rings by Melissa and Doug can be dropped into the pool and gathered up or you can come up with your own exciting ideas! This Melissa and Doug Diving Toy features four colorful characters that are sure to encourage beginner swimmers to make waves in their next poolside adventure!

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
• Make any of these activities into a contest by timing each player as he/she completes the task. Whoever finishes the challenge fastest is the winner!
• See how many rings you can collect in one try. Can you retrieve all four?
• Put one ring on each ankle and each wrist, and tread water. How long can you keep all four rings on your body?
• Try to pick up all four rings from the bottom of the pool in numerical order and place them on your arm in that order.
• Drop one ring to the bottom of the pool, then try to drop the other rings so they hit the ring that is on the bottom.
• With your eyes closed, see if you can identify each dive ring solely by touch.
• King vs. King: See who can swim the farthest with a ring on top of his/her head!
• Stack as many rings as possible on top of your head and walk through the water as far as you can.

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