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Waterway Mini Storm Jet Internal - 212-7927B / WW2127927B

• Model Number: 212-7927B / WW2127927B
• Brand: Waterway
• Dimensions: 3” face diameter, 3-1/2” length

When looking for a premium quality pool jet, the Waterway 212-7927B / WW2127927B Mini Storm Jet Internal is among the best on the market. The snap-in-style installation of this pool jet makes it convenient as a replacement pool jet. Available in gray, this well-constructed plastic replacement jet is designed with a five-point scalloped escutcheon that makes for an easier grip and highlights the style of this replacement jet. The Waterway 212-7927B / WW2127927B is a high-quality replacement jet that is economical, reliable, and durable.
List Price : $ 10.99
Price :

$ 7.13