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Eco-Choice Two Part Epoxy Pool Paint is a self-priming, eco-friendly pool paint. This extremely high-gloss pool paint can be used on bare, worn-plaster finish pools, fiberglass pools, sandblasted plaster pools or gunite pools. This superior resin blend paint gives a tile like finish, provides maximum stain resistance and is highly resistant to the damage chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause. Eco-Choice Epoxy Pool Paint is designed for marine use, making it less sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, allowing for less problems during application and curing time.

• Color: Aquagreen
• Self-priming and eco-friendly
• Extreme high-gloss, giving a tile like finish
• Provides maximum stain resistance
• Can be used on bare, worn-plaster, fiberglass, sandblasted plaster, or gunite pools
• Superior resin blend
• Highly resistant to damage that chlorine or other pool chemicals can cause
• Designed for marine use – less sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations
• Easy to use

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