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Pacfab TU66 Full Grid Filter - Pentair 191322

• Part number: 191322 
• Manufacturer: Pentair/Pacfab 
• Type: Plastic Replacement Filter 
• Specifications: Full, 20 3/4" length x 3 1/4" height x 6 3/4" width 
The 191322 Pacfab TU66 full grid filter is a replacement grid element for D.E. filters. The element is curved and is used for systems that require 7 full grids and 1 partial. The systems require the use of diatomaceous earth to cover the grids to provide the actual filtration. Over time grids can become impacted, cracked, or ripped, causing debris and D.E. to return back to the pool. Damaged grids should be replaced promptly for optimal performance.
List Price : $ 34.99
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$ 25.99