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S-Class Spa Control Box 1 Jet Pump, 2 Speed 0202-205212

• Part number: 0202-205212 
• Manufacturer: Gecko 
• Type: S-Class spa controller 
• 1 jet pump with 2 speeds 
• Circulation pump: 120-220 volts 
• Ozonator: 120-220 volts 
• Light: 12 volts 
• Heater: 4.0 kilowatts 
The Gecko 0202-205212 S-Class Spa Control Box includes one 2-speed jet pump and all components needed to install. In addition, it features ozone management, customizable filter cycles, extreme temperature accuracy, overheating protection, automatic time-out, and detection of sensor failure. This Gecko spa control system connects directly to the circuit board, so no connectors are needed. This replacement spa control includes various parts responsible for keeping your spa running smoothly. A complete pool and spa control box includes a heater, clock timer, and switching components. A 2-speed pump is also included for efficient suction and discharge. Other accessories include a circulation pump, ozonator, 12 volt light, and an operation and installation manual.
List Price : $ 368.99
Price :

$ 345.99