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Pool & Spa Filter Cartridges

Pool filter cartridges are a very common type of pool and spa water filter due to their low cost and ease of replacement. Pentair, Unicel, and Filbur are just a few of the big name manufacturers of pool filter cartridges. You will find they use what is called "Reemay" filter media featuring microban technology. This heavier weight fibrous filter media reduces turbidity and captures particles while allowing flow rates to remain high. High flow rates are possible due to extruded PVC center cores that use round holes to provide even distribution of pressure to prevent cracking or collapse. Additionally, molded in-place threads both makes installation faster but also provides increased durability at the seam to prevent leaks and loss of pressure. With Microban antimicrobial cartridges, you will see a reduction to bacteria growth, fewer odors, and less mold. Treated filters help to destroy microorganisms on contact. The best part is there is nothing you need to do to your pool filter cartridges for this benefit, other than buying compatible Microban filters.


When it comes to buying pool and spa water filters, you need the right size filter. You should be able to find a model number molded onto the endcap or elsewhere around the filter. This number will help you more quickly find the correct replacement filter for your system. Look to replace filters at the start of the pool season and once every 3 months or sooner, depending on your pool needs and the condition of the filter. Some pool filter cartridges can be cleaned once prior to replacement, however, you should be aware that the filter will not function as well as a brand new filter. Over time, the fibers in the reemay can become clogged with particles and flow rates decrease. This can lead to a dirtier pool. With Ace Pools, you can find the pool and spa water filters you need at a great price so your swimming pool stays clean and clear all season long.