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Pool Shock Treatment & Chemicals

The water in your pool is prone to harboring bacteria despite being properly chlorinated, which is why pool shock treatment was developed. Pool shock chemicals elevate the levels of chlorine in your pool temporarily to wipe out stubborn contaminants and bacteria. The effect of pool shock treatment is to help maintain healthy pool water during the entire pool season in addition to the levels effective chlorine.


Prior to using pool shock chemicals, refer to your water test guide. You want a good read on the chemistry of your water prior to adding chemicals. Adding too much or too little of any chemical can result in other more serious issues developing. Many recommend you perform a pool shock treatment on a weekly basis, after dark to prevent UV light from weakening chlorine’s effect. agrees that weekly treatments are okay, as long as you are testing water prior to use. If your water is healthy, it is possible to extend treatments to 1 or 2 times a month, keeping in mind that regularly monitoring pool health is critical.