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You can help keep your pool safe by securing inlet pipes and other openings when you shop pool drain covers and pool drain plugs. During operation, your pool pump needs to circulate water through the system to keep water clean and clear. For this reason, drains tend to be quite wide so that larger debris can float into these openings. Pool drain covers add a grating that will prevent someone’s hands or feet from being grabbed by the suction of your filtration system. The same holds true during off-seasons. When it is time to winterize, your pool openings need to be blocked with pool drain plugs so that moisture won’t enter your plumbing where it will then freeze and cause damage. Like pool drain covers, plugs also prevent animals or other small creatures from sneaking into the pool and becoming trapped where contamination can occur. Next time you are out for a swim measure any inlets you see and you will see that a person or animal, toys and the like could become snared which is extremely dangerous around water.  Pool drain covers and pool drain plugs are inexpensive and add an element of protection to your pool and spa.

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