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Pool Chlorine & Bromine Water Treatment

When shopping for disinfectants, you need to consider the use of a pool chlorine treatment and bromine treatment. Both of these chemicals destroy bacteria and microbiological growth, but they can have much different uses -- specifically in regards to stability in outdoor pools under sunlight. Chlorine is stable, so you can get away with treating your pool on a semi-regular basis with fewer chemicals. Bromine on the other hand is broken down quickly under UV light and is more than 2 times heavier than chlorine. For these reasons, it can become tiresome and expensive to use bromine around outdoor areas. Alternatively, chlorine is highly corrosive and isn’t recommended for use for indoor pools.


You should use what you are comfortable with and given how many people follow a pool chlorine treatment regime, there are obvious advantages. We recommend a bromine treatment for your pool if you have a lot of steel or other metals around that you want to keep looking nice. Given the lower oxidation factor of bromine, the choice becomes easier to make. Both are effective sanitizers and will keep your pool water clean. Ace Pools carries the brand you trust such as Natural Chemistry, as well as top quality dispensing units by Hayward and Ocean Blue.