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Pool Sand Water Filter System

A sand water filter system benefits you as a pool owner thanks to the lower operating cost, cheaper and longer lasting filter media, and effective filtration capabilities. Sand filters use a bed of loose granular material that allows water to pass through the media while particles become trapped. The great thing about this design is that the more dirt the filter media holds, the more effective it is at filtering water. In a sand water filter system, the loose filter media does compact and requires backwashing. In effect you are reversing the flow of water to blow out particles trapped in the sand media and to loosen any compacted filtration material.


There are a number of filtration options with a sand water filter system. You can use silica sand, gravel, or glass depending on the manufacturer specifications. Unlike cartridge or D.E. systems, sand filters are inexpensive and require little maintenance. The filter media will last upwards of 5 years saving you time and money. We carry sand filter systems that fit the size and needs of your pool area. Durable, easy to install and operate, before we sell you a sand water filter system, we study the data sheets and work with the manufacturer and supplier to ensure you are getting the best product possible.